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The Best Snorkel Gear Available in 2021

Snorkeling is one of the greatest experiences you could ever have. There are some truly breathtaking parts of the world that offer some incredible views while snorkeling. Whether you are snorkeling in the Pacific, off the coast of Hawaii or exploring the warm waters in Southeast Asia, a whole new world of amazing sights and experiences await you once you take up snorkeling as a hobby.


As more and more people take up snorkeling every year, there is no shortage of potential snorkeling gear for you to buy. It can be hard to figure out which products are best for you when you are first getting started. That is why we have compiled a quick list of the best snorkel gear you can find in 2017 to help remove the guesswork and get you started quickly. Here are three of the top gear sets available:


3 Best Snorkel Gear Sets Available in 2017


op snorkel that helps minimize any unwanted water getting in, a set of fins along with a solid single lens mask, all topped off with a gear bag to keep it all in. And the best part? All of this is offered at an extremely affordable price.




  • Dry top snorkel helps keep water out while also offering a full flex section to reduce jaw fatigue
  • Purge valve clears accumulated water in the reservoir with one firm, short exhalation
  • Trek fins are short and powerful, making them ideal for snorkeling
  • Quick release fin buckles help retain the length you need for your feet
  • Single lens mask offers the panoramic view you want when checking out underwater sights
  • Convenient locking mesh bag included for easy transportation
  • Extremely affordable




  • Mask is prone to water leakage with extended usage but this can be resolved by using purge valve




While it is true that you can buy better equipment for snorkeling when you purchase them individually, for an entry level all-in-one set this offering by Seavenger provides a lot of bang for your buck. It features everything you need to try out snorkeling for the very first time or can even double as an emergency spare set for snorkeling veterans. It is an excellent option for the price.



Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag, TT-LXL



The next option for the best snorkel gear you can find is by Cressi, and just like the Seavenger set above, it comes with everything you would need to take your first snorkeling trip. It features a dry top snorkel, an open heel short fin set, a silicone two window mask, and a great mesh gear bag to hold it all in. As Cressi has been in the diving game since 1946, you can be rest assured knowing that the products they produce will meet the needs of the most avid water sports enthusiast.




  • Comfortable hypoallergenic silicone mask with two windows for great viewing experience
  • 100% dry top snorkel with original anti-splash end with a valve to seal the tube, keeping water out
  • Designed for maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape
  • Skirt edge is capable of adapting to most facial shapes
  • Open heel short blade snorkel fins made for use with bare feet provide a great comfortable fit
  • High-quality mesh gear bag included
  • Lots of color options available




  • Straps on the fins have been known to become loose and come off




This Cressi set is perfect for shallow water snorkeling, as the mask and snorkel are made to be incredibly high-quality. The fins hold up to moderate usage as well, but if you are doing any more strenuous diving, you might need to invest in a better pair. For entry level snorkeling with an all-in-one gear set though, you really can’t go wrong here.


Phantom Aquatics Adult Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Mesh Bag, Blue, Large/X-Large/Size 9 to 13 

Closing our list of recommended snorkel gear is this all-in-one set offered by Phantom Aquatics. Once again, it features everything you would need to enjoy your first snorkeling trip. This gear set will not only serve you well with snorkeling, but it is also a great choice if you are into bodyboarding as well, as the fins are designed with speed and sporting activities in mind.




  • Low internal volume silicone mask
  • Comfort fit liquid silicone skirt provides a nice water tight seal
  • Semi-dry top valve snorkel helps with preventing water entry
  • Open heel snorkel fins have a short design that allows for a powerful kick with each and every stroke
  • Ideal for bodyboarding and snorkeling
  • Available in several different colors




  • More expensive compared to the other two sets
  • Fins designed more for performance at the expense of comfort
  • Field of view can be obstructed due to way mask is constructed




This set by Phantom Aquatics is ideal if your interests extend beyond just snorkeling and into activities such as bodyboarding. The fins are designed for performance and provide you with a great amount of power with every kick. The only notable downside is that the field of vision can be obstructed on occasion due to the design of the mask, otherwise this set compares very favorably with the other two listed above.




If you are just taking your first steps into the world of snorkeling, there is no need to invest in an expensive snorkeling equipment. Any one of the above mentioned three all-in-one sets will serve you just fine when it comes to getting started. The Phantom Aquatics set will be your best bet if you’re interested in activities such as bodyboarding as well as snorkeling, otherwise all three sets are adequate entry level snorkel gear options.

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