Spearfishing Advice

Spearfishing With Friends

Beginners in spearfishing will not only be taught how to spear a fish in the most primal of ways possible; they will also learn about responsibility. Those who are into the sport are obligated to sustain the values and ideals applied by spearos all over the globe.

The sport is considered as one of the most ethical and eco-friendly kinds of fishing since it does not produce by-catch. Spearos are required to only shoot at a specific target and keep track of size and seasonal regulations.

Seeing as we are guests to the underwater realm, we should respect the environment and the animals and organisms that thrive in the place by leaving the place as clean as before.

Be Safe with a Diving Buddy

To be safe is practically everybody’s obligation. Whether you are on plain, solid ground or under the water learning how to spear a fish, you must always be aware and watchful of individuals around you.

In spearfishing, diving buddies are quite normal. It boosts safety levels and creates camaraderie as well.

Keep in mind to check you and your partner’s equipment methodically. If you are going to scuba dive, make sure that you observe your air and underwater time along with your partner’s.

If you will be freediving, follow the “one diver up, one diver down” method. Keep in mind all of the safety tips you have learned from your diving lessons and remember to always dive within your boundaries.

A diving buddy is fundamental for your safety and it provides plenty of fun, too. By joining mutual interests and pursuing them, both parties will be out of harm’s reach, will become more effective spearos and easily have someone to impart spearfishing stories with at the end of the day.

Safety is always a hot topic, not only among followers of this particular sport but other athletic pursuits as well. When it comes to spearfishing, it is always ideal to have another spearo friend along for the ride.

Going underwater with a companion is a safety measure that should never be disregarded because it serves as a foundation for freediving protection.

This does not translate that you and your companion should get in and out of the water at the same time; more exactly it is crucial that the two of you should join each other while under the water.

The majority of scuba diving mishaps occurred when another person was in the water but they were not focusing or were surveying another part of the diving spot.

The Good Diving Companion

The spearfishing buddy system is an element of spearfishing that engages two persons – one who is below the surface of the water while another is above it.

The one above the surface is accountable for watching over and safeguarding the spearo who is fishing underwater at present. If you are tasked with being above the surface, make sure to keep your companion close by every time.

If you are diving at a lower depth — deeper than say 20 feet, it is considered ethical to alert the surface spearo with OK hand signals so that your companion knows that you are fine down there.

Here are additional tips to remember to keep you and your buddy safe:

  • Remember to watch over your companion nearby.
  • Once your companion goes to the surface, inspect if they are okay by means of hand signs.
  • Make sure that you at least know some basic first aid skills.
  • If, for example, your companion stops, begins to spasm and sinks down, go underwater and take them back instantly.
  • Once you have brought your companion to the surface, get rid of their mask.
  • Blow on his or her face slightly, pat their cheeks and utter their name to bring their consciousness back.
  • If all else fails, immediately administer CPR (if you know how to do this) or have somebody capable do it.
  • See to it that both you and your buddy are wearing weight belts.

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