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JBL speargun reviews

It’s not a mystery that shopping for a new speargun is a tough journey, with so many options and brands, which should you bet your money on? Well, in this article we’ll walk you through one of the best brands out there, JBL, and talk about some of their products, so you are 100% certain that you won’t be disappointed with your new speargun. Let’s get started with our JBL speargun reviews!

For more than 40 years JBL has been provided the most unmatched spearfishing equipment for enthusiasts of this amazing adventure -spearfishing. Being a pro or a newbie who travels anywhere spearfishing is allowed, you’re sure to find this speargun in the hands of shooters. Why? We think it’s a combination of timeless designs and premium materials. That combined with JBL’s legendary accuracy and bullet-proof durability that has helped all kinds of underwater hunters to make their activity precise.


JBL D8 new super carbine speargun (AP-350)

JBL  D8 Is one “super” carbine, and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t be fooled by how light it is, it packs a punch and is easy to handle. The accuracy is not bad at all which is one of the most critical aspects when reviewing a speargun. This speargun is good for beginners and short-ranged targets.  A 16-year-old will definitely use it. It is great for small to medium fishing-hunting in very tight places where a bigger gun can’t be used.


One downside might be that you might need a bit of experience on spearfishing before using it, this is because it is harder to cock than your average speargun. The kickback is strong so be prepared to avoid getting hurt. Many people that have used this speargun state that you need to be strong and with long arms to handle it properly because its power might be overwhelming for a person who doesn’t have much strength. If you are between 5’’ – 11’’ it would be a perfect fit though.

The JBL D8 can throw a shaft alright after the bands loosen up a bit, it can go as far as 20 feet range with extreme accuracy. It can make it easy to maximize the fishes that you catch per day. By this time you might be wondering which fish are an excellent fit for this super carbine speargun, let’s check out a few of them:

  • Skate.
  • Flounder.
  • Blackfish.
  • Porgie.
  • Triggerfish.
  • Black sea bass,
  • Striped bass,

This gun is perfectly capable of taking down a fish of the thirty pounders category with two bands with no difficulty whatsoever. And of course, it’s hard to beat a gun of this quality for the price.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of the JBL D8:


  •     A lot of power.
  •      Precise speargun
  •      Can shoot up to 20 ft range without any difficulty.


  • The speargun cock is strong, so your chest may receive a ton of damage if you don’t use a pad.
  • Not suited for people who don’t know their way around a gun. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.



JBL 6W44 Woody Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun, 43.50.


The JBL woody sawed-off magnum speargun is one of those guns that you can’t just ignore. A straight shooter, newbie-friendly, and impossible to damage while fishing. If you are just getting started with spearfishing and want an ideal gun that would make it easier for you to get into it, then this speargun would fulfill your needs.

Fantastic well-made product. And very powerful. For those looking at shooting larger fish with this speargun, you will need a reel and line for it. It already has a rail mounted on the bottom of the gun so attaching a reel is a breeze. Overall it’s a mid-sized gun that is 44’’ inches long which makes it able to be used in the reefs and when you are feeling like venturing into deeper waters.

The best thing about this gun on top of its fantastic resilience is its magnum grip and trigger mechanism. It has a threaded spear, making it an elastic speargun because you can replace the tip or swap it out in the case you are in the hunt for larger fishes.


  • Ergonomically designed spear with the trigger mechanism.
  • Newbie is friendly.
  • The trigger pulls with ease which makes every shot a satisfying experience.


  • The pros won’t like this speargun; they will be looking for something more premium.
  • The buoyancy is not good. You will wear yourself out keeping the gun stable enough to aim. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

JBL D5 speargun 19’’ mini carbine spearguns

The last one of our JBL speargun reviews is the JBL D5 speargun mini carabiner. Do not let the price tag fool you. Just like the other bigger brothers, Crabine is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum. To make easier to hit the target, it is powered by .5 in Nitro Bands and has a small grip handle that will make you bring home plenty of fish, from your next spearfishing trip.

If you want to catch a bunch of fishes but without spending a lot of money, then this speargun is your go-to product. For just $72, you’ll get this baby which is durable, accurate and most importantly, the recoil won’t send you flying!

Despite being so small, it has a decent range, don’t judge a book by its cover! And evidently, it’s also lightweight so you won’t be fatigued if you are overextending your fishing trip.

Let’s talk specifications, it has a total length of 32.50’’, a shaft designed to have 714-SB, a maximum range of 6 ft, the weight of the speargun is 1.75lb and the shaft is spring steel.


  • Newbie is friendly.
  • Safe speargun.
  • Light in the water and it’s not hard to load it.



No matter which model you will choose, you’ll not fail. Of course, taste , budget, and what kind of fish you want to hunt will dictate your choice. But remember, JBL it’s leading this activity, and by far is a better choice.


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