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Fun activities and games to play when scuba diving

Anyone who has ever gone scuba diving knows what a great experience it is. Immersing yourself in what seems like an alien world and seeing the incredibly beautiful sights found below the surface make for an amazing experience. Very few people ever go scuba diving just once — once they see what it’s like first hand, they are usually hooked and can’t wait to go again.

There is far more to scuba diving than just the simple act of diving though. While diving is an incredible experience on its own, there are several different activities and games that divers can enjoy to liven up the experience even more. Here we’ve listed a few of our favorite games to play while scuba diving for you to try out for yourself. We are sure you will find them as much fun as we do.

Treasure Hunts

 The odds are pretty good that you won’t ever discover a sunken ship containing a chest full of long lost gold while you are out scuba diving. That doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the thrill of hunting for sunken treasure, however. With a little bit of preparation and ingenuity, you’ll be able to enjoy an epic underwater treasure hunt.

There are often two approaches to scuba diving treasure hunts. The first one takes groups out to actual wrecks or specific areas designated for exploration. Divers get to explore these same shipwrecks and areas that treasure hunters of old once did, and get to experience everything that they did. Minus finding a sunken treasure haul of course. Instead, as a replacement idea, perhaps the divers could go on a sort of scavenging treasure hunt, looking for common junk items found on the ocean floor.

The other way to enjoy a fun treasure hunt activity is to set up a mock one. You can set up several different ‘treasures’ around a specific dive site, and let the divers go off in search of them. You can even have actual prizes available for the diver who finds the most sunken treasure!

Underwater Geocaching

 Similar to underwater treasure hunts, there is the option to go geocaching under the sea. If you are unfamiliar with geocaching, it is a real-world treasure hunting activity where participants hide objects around the globe and post the GPS coordinates on a geocaching website. Other participants are free to track down the object and sign a logbook that indicates they located it.


It wasn’t long until geocaching and diving enthusiasts combined the two activities. On any given day, there are several active underwater caches or scuba caches as they are called. Many of these are in some very interesting locations as well. If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary to do the next time you go diving, consider looking into geocaching.

Underwater Card Games

Do you like scuba diving? Do you like card games like poker? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then why not try playing a hand of underwater cards? Using specially made waterproof cards, it is possible to enjoy many common card games while you are diving underwater.

Some players have even set up underwater tables and hosted entire poker tournaments while diving. And here is an interesting fact about underwater card playing for you: back in 2011, a group of 16 divers in Germany set the record for the longest underwater card game. They played a popular local game called ‘Sheepshead’ for 36 hours straight. Now that is some dedication!

Seasonal Activities

 Depending on the time of year it is and where in the world you are located, there are a few fun things you can do. These also depend on the season and what holidays are going on. But your option for fun games to play in the water are numerous.

For instance, around Halloween, why not gather your diving buddies and hold an underwater pumpkin carving contest? And if the water is warm enough for you at Christmas time, perhaps you could exchange waterproof gifts with friends? You could all go diving and open presents underwater together.

Those are just two examples of seasonal diving activities you could try out. There are many others that you can opt for like an underwater Easter egg hunt? You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to possibilities.

Other Underwater Games (Chess, Darts, Frisbee, etc.)

 There are several different games that you can add an underwater twist to with the right tools and equipment. Much like using waterproof cards to play games like poker underwater, here are a couple of other options:

You can play underwater darts by using specially made darts, or even by using common torpedo toys. You can even play the game of chess underwater, provided you use playing pieces with negative buoyancy. It is also possible to get specially made frisbees for use underwater, which means you can have hardcore frisbee games while diving. You can even add a twist to a few other different sports activities when diving, such as hockey or soccer.

Underwater Competitions

 Another fun game to play in the water on your next scuba diving outing is to hold a sort of ‘scuba diving skill contest’. As with the seasonal activities, you are only limited by your imagination here. You can hold many types of skill-testing competitions with your diving friends, such as:

  • Races (try an underwater egg and spoon race for an incredibly amusing event)
  • Underwater knot tying
  • Underwater obstacle courses

You can even combine many of the games listed above into a ‘scuba diving Olympics’’. You could include races, obstacle courses, frisbee, card games, and treasure hunting for an all-in-one fun-filled scuba diving expedition.


 As you can see, as great as scuba diving is by itself, there are all kinds of ways to spice it up a little more. Whether you are out searching for sunken treasure, winning some cash in an underwater poker game, or going for an underwater egg and spoon race, we are sure that the games to play while scuba diving  will have tons of fun. Try any and have fun. Or, why not invent a new game. Be creative. Are there any scuba diving games that you can think of which we didn’t list here?

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