Spearfishing Reviews

Riffe Fish Stringer with Quick Clip

Spearfishing merges the wonders of hunting for your own food with the joy of swimming. If you think fly-fishing is not your thing but you still want to enjoy the thrill of the pursuit, spearfishing is your sport.

Spearfishing forces individuals to direct their focus on a particular prey then make use of their shrewdness and athletic prowess to hunt down said prey and kill it. It can be a tough job but once the spear lances into a fish, you will instantly feel triumph.

By involving yourself in the ritual, you also engage yourself in your prey’s natural environment and sense a connection with the body of water and the ecosystem.

In order to do this, though, you need some proper gear on like a bodysuit and equipment like Riffe’s Fish Stringer with Quick Clip designed for scuba diving and spearfishing.


  • The spear measures 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • S-1000 model
  • Made from stainless steel
  • 5-inch clip
  • 5-inch spike
  • 3 ft. mono line


A fish stringer spearfishing  is a tool used by fishermen to thread fish so they can be plunged into and still be kept alive in the water. These stringers can be made from either rope or chain.

The simplest among them would have to be the rope type; it is composed of a line of rope or wire with a threading needle made of sturdy wood or metal. The stringer’s end typically features a detachable wire ring that is employed to secure the entire tool.

The stringer is looped throughout the fish gill then gets pulled out by way of the mouth. Or it can be looped throughout the fish’s upper and lower mouth which lets it breathe through the gills without restrictions.

Chain stringers are composed of chain and feature safety-pin snaps threaded along the entire length of the device which can be fastened into the fish.

The device is tough since it is made from stainless steel, so take good care of it and it will last you for a long time. Beginners who are wary of using a fish stringer might even like this; it is functional and easy to use.

Its quick clip provides plenty of assistance for smoother, faster stringing procedures. Big or small fishes, you can use the device on them. Both scuba divers and avid spearos will benefit highly from this device.

For spearfishing, having this in your cache of fishing gear will lessen struggling with your catch. The clips will easily accommodate the catch on your speargun or pole spears without much effort.

The stringer’s own quick clip manages to serve its purpose and give off fast, easy procedures. Its accompanying metal cable is resilient and hard-wearing since it’s made from stainless steel, plus it also offers greater grip.


The device did not pose any disadvantages and by surfing the web for more opinions about this particular device, most users were satisfied with its overall performance.

According to the reviews, the device ultimately did its job perfectly and made catching fish more of a leisure than work. Several users were happy that the device offered great value for their money.


This fish stringer spearfishing is a device that will help you swim through your fishing exploits, whether you are spear fishing, fly-fishing or scuba diving. It has garnered a positive response from users so this is actually worth a try. It is made from stainless steel so it will last you for a while.

The stringer is metal so unlike rope-type stringers, it won’t knot, tatter, unravel or get wedged on hooks or teeth, unlike other kinds of stringers. With this device in hand, taking your catch off of the stringer at the end of the day is a walk in the park.

If you haven’t tried out fish stringers just yet and are wary of rope-type kinds, you can try something more durable and tough like Riffe’s Fish Stringer with Quick Clip.

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Spearfishing Reviews

Scuba Choice 5-ft Spearfishing Pole Spear with 1 Prong Single Barb Tip

Spearfishing gear consists of items like spearguns and pole spears. In this review, we are going to discuss the pole spear. The pole of this device has a typical length of 4-8 feet long and it can be built from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, wood or carbon fiber.

There are also lengthier versions that split into 2 individual pieces that fasten together. One of the most used models so far in this kind of sport is the Scuba Choice’s Spearfishing Pole Spear with 1 Prong Barb Tip. Read on for more information about this device.


  • The total length of the device is 5 feet
  • The pole spear made of fiberglass material
  • Stainless steel 12-inch 1 prong single barb tip
  • Includes black rubber sling


Spearfishing is considered one of the best ways to catch fish. The spearo is an individual who is an avid spearfisher. The majority of spearos are particularly finicky about their catch, therefore there is less by-catch to deal with while on the job.

A by-catch refers to unnecessary catch, like smaller fish caught by means of a traditional fishing rod and reel.

Larger fish are also reason enough as to why a lot of individuals choose spearfishing. Spearfishing usually yields bigger catches as compared with conventional angling methods. Spearfishing is also a great way to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce by-catch.

Companies often take plenty of effort and money to catch, handle, parcel and freeze their catch but spearfishing only takes a few bits of gear, your wits, athletic prowess and some effort to catch something in time for lunch or dinner.

A pole spear has plenty of benefits for spearfishing. A model like the Scuba Choice’s Spearfishing Pole Spear with its single barb tip works this way; the rubber sling is positioned in the crook of the user’s thumb. He or she will then move up the spear by merely releasing the shift from his or her hand.

A range that works for a pole spear is the overall length of the spear. This means that users have to be particularly close to their target in order to shoot the device properly.

The Spearfishing Pole Spear by the company is made from fiberglass. It is heavier compared to carbon fiber and aluminum and is the heaviest amongst materials.

Even though the model is heavy, it sure has its advantages. It can catch bigger fish and is strong enough to disarm and kill them.

Its single barb tip easily zooms into the target without leaving it in tatters; thus you will get your fish completely whole. However, because of its weight, it means the device will create plenty of drag underwater.

Fiberglass pole spears are sturdy so spears will get plenty of use out of this model. It is also bendable, meaning unlike a pole spear made from aluminum, it will not bend permanently. You can expect this nifty model to last you for years of relentless spearfishing.


As mentioned earlier, this unit is made from fiberglass, thus it is heavier than aluminum and carbon fiber pole spears.

It is not meant to target smaller fish because it can pack a punch, but will make spears happy with larger fishes.

However, if you are aiming to catch smaller game then you should look for models with lighter materials other than the ones made from fiberglass.


The  Scuba Choice 5-ft Spearfishing Pole Spear with 1 Prong Single Barb Tip will greatly benefit spearos who are after larger fishes.

It has sufficient heft to disarm struggling heavier fish and will also last you for a long time due to it being made from fiberglass material. This is for spearos who love spearfishing regularly for it is sturdy and will provide years and years of successful catches. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Spearfishing Reviews

Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear with 5 Prong Paralyzer Barb Tip

MAKO’s Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear is a spearfishing device that is perfect for spearos who are frequent travelers.

It is great for small-medium fishes and includes 3 pole spears, which makes it very versatile. It is also praised by enthusiasts if the sport because of its ability to take in targets weighing about 10-15 pounds.

Sometimes, you have to do some traveling or road tripping in order to pursue spearfishing spots. Thus, this spearfishing pole spears model will greatly benefit those who are not only into the sport but also spearos who love to travel and explore new places as well.


  • Measures 6′ 7″ and disassembles to 27.5″ for easier storage.
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Will not produce unnecessary fiberglass splinters
  • Sunken flush screws as connecting joints
  • 3 switchable sections for three varying pole spear lengths.
  • Has a 5-prong paralyzer tip with Sure Grip barbs
  • 1 full-length MAKO Spearguns Latex Power Band


Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear is a traveler-friendly pole spear that can be broken down into a more compact piece so it will fit inside your bag.

It makes use of a sturdy, corrosion-repelling, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum which means you won’t have to deal with splinters from materials like worn-down fiberglass. The spear’s joints are attached firmly due to the recessed flush screws positioned on the connectors, providing a smoother release while fishing.

The device has 3 interchangeable options to better accommodate your preferences. If, for example, you are trying to pin down risky fish species like the lionfish, you can choose the unit’s 3-prong barbless lionfish tip.

This is designed for targeting lionfish and it features 3 prongs without the barbs for easier removal.

You can also purchase an adapter for a bigger range of pole spear tips. MAKO has a Tip Adapter available which lets spearos line up their spear tip arrangement expressly to the fish they are tailing.

As for other users’ comments, the majority of them have been nothing but positive. They all agreed that the pole spear was not only great for travel but is also an excellent investment that is worth the money. One said that the spear was light yet durable and will prove advantageous to divers.

The threads linking the sections of the spear appeared to be firm and stable, another said. The same user also added that the device was just the right weight and the latex band that comes with it sure packs some much-needed punch.

According to another user, the spear was appropriate for its price. He appreciated that it can be broken apart into 4 pieces and is understated and low-key and just perfect for travel. In addition, the quality of the material and the latex band was awesome for its retail price.

The unit’s paralyzer tips for open water shots ran parallel with each other, which makes for a great tip. Once it gets into a fish, the tip will open wider and this will in turn help grasp the fish.

The Sure-Grip barbs on the paralyzer tips were also beneficial since it helped the spear in gripping the target even more so there are fewer chances for the target to escape.


There were a few numbers of unsatisfied users who had nothing glowing to say about the product. One user commented that the device was too light for his liking. Another said that the tips of the spear were not that sharp as suggested.


Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear was praised in general by plenty of users. Traveling spearos who love exploring new places to hunt, be it the wild or the ocean, will be glad to know that there is a device that they can take anywhere they go.

It is meant for agile, bigger fish and because of its 3 optional functions, you will be able to customize your methods and just choose a function that will suit the kind of fish you are going to hunt. So, give this spearfishing pole spear a try and adjust your preferable operation accordingly. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Spearfishing Reviews

Scuba Choice One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb Tip

Spearfishing is an ancient practice that dates back to caveman times and up till now, it is still an efficient means of getting food.

This technique does not pose damage to coastal and wilderness habitats and will not pollute the surroundings as well. Spearfishing is also an effective way to get rid of invasive species like lionfish.

Scuba Choice’s Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb is a model that is meant to hunt down risky species like the lionfish, but it will also fit other kinds of larger fishes.

Find out more about this particular model by reading the rest of the review.


  • Has a total length of 4.5 ft.
  • Fiberglass 4 ft. long pole spear
  • 3-prong, 6-inch long lionfish barb tip
  • Detachable spear head
  • Replacement spear heads available for purchase


Lionfish are considered a threat in Atlantic waters; they hunt down native fish, therefore, they are capable of decreasing the biodiversity in the area, increasing competition between indigenous species for limited food sources and modifying habitats.

Lionfish are dangerous because of their venomous spikes. However, they taste great. In order to hunt them down, spearos are recommended to carry a pole spear along like the Fiber Glass Pole Fish with its beneficial Lionfish Barb Tip.

The majority of knowledgeable lionfish hunters choose shorter pole spears with lionfish-specific features but at times a model with a longer spear offers better benefits in getting hold of hiding or alarmed lionfishes.

The kind of spear tip hunters should employ is much more crucial than the length of the pole’s shaft. A single-point tip lets the speared fish glide up to the shaft while models with retention wings makes it difficult to get rid of the impaled fish without jabbing yourself, which is risky and not recommended.

If you want something that can do the job effectively, you have to look for a model with 3 or more prongs. Barb-tipped ones are also efficient and fast because they can grip the fish in its position on the spear’s end.

This Scuba Choice model is in fact a great device since it will reduce the possibility of the fish slipping up the pole and it’s fairly simple to scour the impaled fish into a retention tube, too.

Hunters who have the used the device also noted its barb tip for its ability to guarantee a lethal strike. Now you can easily clean up reefs of aggressive lionfish with this product, which is specifically designed to do the job.


The Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb Tip was appreciated greatly for its excellent ability to ensnare its target with ease but, despite its advantages, there were a few hitches, although minor.

One reviewer who bought the product said that he would like the device’s steel material to be more rigid; he had to realign the separation among the prongs at times, which can be a bother in the event of a hunt.

Another said that he was satisfied with the way the device worked, but suggested that the pole spear can get some nice upgrades maybe in the future — a change of color would be nice.

It will definitely help if the model was shaded in a color that will help conceal it more.


Scuba Choice’s Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb was given good ratings by spearos and avid fishing enthusiasts because of its performance.

The model was able to slash its way through its target without much effort because of its effective Lionfish barb tip. It is also a good pole spear to take along for close-quarter hunts and difficult-to-explore places where fishes tend to hide.

With this fiber glass pole spear, you can get a bigger fish or two out of cracks and crevices. Most of the time, a speargun is not an ideal device to carry, especially for those who are fond of hunting for lionfish.

Pole spears provide speedier reloads as well. Thus, if you are looking for a pole spear that can bring a lionfish down (and a slew of larger fish species as well), you won’t go wrong with this device.

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Spearfishing Reviews

Scuba Choice 5-Foot Two Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Spearfishing is a plucky and exciting sport. To hold your breath and dive under the water with a spear in your hand to look for fish is pretty thrilling and it should stay that way.

It combines the excitement of catching tasty fish and adventure sports, which is why spearfishing has been regarded as one of the best water sports today.

The conquest has been around since the dawn of time, when primitive man hunted for food in both fresh and saltwater sources with the use of barbed poles, also known as harpoons.

These days, we now have different materials used for pole spears and one of these options, the Scuba Choice’s 5-foot, two-piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear, ranks high on most spearos’ lists.


  • 5 foot total length
  • Fiberglass pole spear
  • 1-prong, 12-inch long single barb stainless steel tip
  • Comes with black rubber sling


The pole spear is gear that is frequently used in spearfishing. It is basically a pole with a spear positioned on the tip and it also features a rubber loop on it which helps in sniping the pole spear.

Pole spears are crafted from strong materials like carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass. The Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear is designed from fiberglass, which makes it one of the sturdiest in the market.

Pole spears are basically 4-8 foot in length and their scale is diametrically proportionate to their overall length. This translates to in order to make use of a pole spear, one must be quite near to the target, unlike with spearguns, which can be used from a good distance.

There are two kinds of pole spear tips, and they can be fixed or threaded. The latter lets users replace the tips according to their preferences. As for materials, pole spears crafted from aluminum are light and this results into excellent speed.

This means trouble-free, effortless shooting can be had by means of an aluminum spear. However, they can be susceptible to damage and once it acquires dents or breaks, their ability to perform their purpose gets compromised.

The lightest would have to be spears made from carbon fiber. They have a smaller shaft and therefore a lower resistance. They are not as strong as aluminum or stainless steel but they are still strong and won’t bend excessively.

Fiberglass models like this Spearfishing Pole Spear are considered the heaviest among other models and while its weight might sound like a drawback from a number of enthusiasts, especially beginners, it should be recognized that they are actually one of the most hardwearing among the lot.

They are not the speediest in action, but they can actually do a number on a target and are beneficial for spearos who love to hunt down bigger fishes.


As mentioned before, fiberglass pole spears can be too heavy for smaller fish. If you are into small game, you are better off looking for a carbon fiber or aluminum model.


There is certainly a charm in spearfishing that will pull in adventure-loving outdoor enthusiasts. The feeling can be compared to being marooned in a solitary island, then having to fend for yourself by eating fruits from nearby trees and hunting your own fish and game.

The Scuba Choice’s 5-foot, two-piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear will make this fantasy come true and will result in a life-long, well-loved pursuit. It will certainly fit the needs of folks who are always on the lookout for larger fishes.

It is for spearos who need equipment that will last them a long time since it is made from fiberglass. If you are a beginner and would like to master the sport, chances are you will be hitting the river or ocean bottom or reefs much more than the fishes themselves.

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