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What is spear fishing: fundamental concepts for a spearfishing newbie

By Spearfisher / February 20, 2019

  Spearfishing started as an ancient method of fishing, but it evolved into so much more. Early civilizations use this technique to fish with sharpened sticks. It’s incredible to think that so many years have passed and this activity remains.   From sharpened sticks to spearguns and slings, spearfishing has evolved into something much more […]


Hawaiian Sling vs Pole Spear

By Spearfisher / November 15, 2018

A Hawaiian sling is a crafty tool that is meant for spearfishing and has a mechanism that is similar to the one that the bows have. If you have experience with handling a bow and arrow, then it is of use when you are getting into Hawaiian Slings. It’s the same thing; the only difference […]


Fun activities and games to play when scuba diving

By Spearfisher / January 21, 2018

Anyone who has ever gone scuba diving knows what a great experience it is. Immersing yourself in what seems like an alien world and seeing the incredibly beautiful sights found below the surface make for an amazing experience. Very few people ever go scuba diving just once — once they see what it’s like first […]


Recommended Snorkeling Equipment for Spearfishing

By Spearfisher / January 20, 2018

Taking up spearfishing as a new hobby is a great idea. However, there is a lot of information to take in when first starting out in terms of what approach to take. One great option is to get your diving license and take up scuba diving along with spearfishing. Many people take it slow and […]


Spearfishing With Friends

By Spearfisher / July 27, 2017

Beginners in spearfishing will not only be taught how to spear a fish in the most primal of ways possible; they will also learn about responsibility. Those who are into the sport are obligated to sustain the values and ideals applied by spearos all over the globe. The sport is considered as one of the […]


Spearfishing Safety Measures

By Spearfisher / July 7, 2017

The pursuit of spearfishing usually entails tracking down a fish and shooting it below the water with a speargun or pole spear. These activities are usually done through freediving. It is a daring sport so it has its risks but it is not as critical as other extreme sports. In order to enjoy your spearfishing […]