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Wetsuit For Diving In Cold Water-7mm

When people are getting all prepped up for their spearfishing adventures, they usually pay a more significant part of their attention to spearfishing tools instead of the type of wetsuit they are wearing for their journey. A common misconception is to think that as long as the wetsuit fits, there is no problem. However, the answer couldn’t be farther from the truth. Picking a right speargun for you is essential, of course, but I dare to say that getting the right wetsuit is as vital and shouldn’t be underestimated.

If the water where you’re planning your trip is a little colder(10-17 C) you should make sure that you’ll wear the right wetsuit. In this shortlist, we’ll be talking about the best 7mm wetsuits out there. Giving our thoughts on why are they great and in which aspects they are lacking. Stick around!

Cressi Tecnica

The Cressi Tecnica is a two-piece wetsuit, which means that you can put both parts separately. The first thing we must mention is its camouflage design which is an excellent feature because you are harder to detect wearing said pattern avoiding unnecessary attention from your prey. You wouldn’t want to scare them off. Being flexible you can move with no restrictions.

On top of a great design, it has a hood, the jacket provides a hood for protecting your head. Overall it offers extra strength and durability. As an added durability feature the knee and shin area of the overalls and the elbows of the jacket are reinforced.

Cressi Tecnica also offers a lot of flexible materials and provides loads of support to elbows, knees, and shoulders. All critical areas need protection, especially the chest which has a chest gun-loading pad that makes the process of loading your gun a lot easier.


Now, talking about the feel of Cressi Tecnica is smooth inside which will prevent any irritation, a universal evil that comes with lousy wetsuits. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


O’Neill Dive Wetsuits 7mm Sector Fluid Seam Weld Full Suit

This  7mm Men’s O’Neill SECTOR SCUBA Wetsuit offers high-performance protection for the uncompromising diver. The long list of high-end features includes:

-ultra-flex neoprene wetsuit that excels in quality

-chest and back panels to ensure proper heat retention;

-few as possible seams liquid taped  that work together with the waterproof zipper and super seals to keep cold water out;

-poly fleece torso lining that adds insulation while wicking moisture from the skin; Durable kneepads, and a convenient key pocket. All these features make this suit the most technical one you can get for any water activities you might have.


Despite being a 7mm suit, it has excellent mobility which is a huge pro. It also has durability and a low price, so you’ll be happy about buying this 7mm wetsuit.

The obvious downside is that this wetsuit is the most expensive one on the list, but it’s worth it for someone committed to spearfishing who has a bit of experience on the water! It has incredible features that are well worth its price so you’ll be happy about the results that this baby will bring to you. Just dive and enjoy your excellent spearfishing adventure! Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


SEAC Men’s Komoda Yamamoto Wetsuit


The manufacturer of this wetsuit understands how important is comfort when going on a spearfishing adventure. Wearing an uncomfortable wetsuit for a whole trip would be torture and SEAC’s ensure a suit that is silky smooth to the touch.

There is a fine line between a safe wetsuit and a comfortable one, SEAC knows this well and could create a product that has a perfect balance between safety and comfort. Your chest will receive no harm when you are trying to fire or reload your gun.

One downside is that despite the chest is an area that receives a lot of padding; the groin area is unprotected, which might result in a bitter experience if you are not careful enough so watch out. If you are a newbie, it should not bother you.

The wetsuit is also extremely flexible and has excellent heat retention. Due to the dry fiber materials, you won’t feel those terrible chills each time you dive.

Despite being an incredibly cheap wetsuit, it lacks in a few areas. However, if you are a newbie on a budget, this might be an excellent suit for you and you should get it! You’ll be comfy and protected, but try not to make extremely long spearfishing trips without a backup wetsuit. Choose carefully where you will be spearfishing, and do first your research to know what to expect. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.


Before we say goodbye

We have given cheap and expensive options, depending on your skill level and commitment, you should take your pick on your wetsuit. However, if you want to get great results, you have to be prepared to spend a little more. Many variables can ruin a spearfishing experience for you, and you want to have the best odds on your side if you’re going to come back with a cooler filled with fishes. So, if you are into it and want to get better, be sure to invest in spearfishing to get the most out of every journey!

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