Hawaiian Sling vs Pole Spear

Hawaiian sling is a crafty tool that is  meant for spearfishing and has a mechanism that is really similar to the one that the bows have. If you have experience with handling a bow and arrow then it definitely be of use when you are getting into Hawaiian Slings. It’s basically the same thing, the only difference is that the energy is stored in a rubber tubing.

How to use hawaiian sling


Technically speaking, using a hawaiian sling is rather simple, however, mastering the instrument is an entirely different ordeal. It may be easy to fire the first shot but the important part lies on it hitting its mark and that’s why you need to know really well how hawaiian slings are used so you can make your shot most of the times.

The only parts that actually move in a hawaiian sling are the rubber tubing and the spear shaft. The rubber tubing is attached to a wooden block with a hole drilled in it which has a slightly bigger diameter than the shaft. The shaft is then pulled back while placed in the hole making the tubing propel it forward to a distance that would be impossible to reach if done by hand. That’s the magic of the hawaiian sling and as you can see, anybody can shoot! You just have to learn to shoot well.

Some aspects you must pay attention while using a hawaiian sling

First of all, spearfishing might be a cool activity but it’s easy to get hurt if you are not being careful, so always be on top of everything! If you are doing everything right, you won’t be in any danger so be careful when shooting it. It’s common to see newbie fishers holding the head of the spear close to their heads and tragically, there are a lot of cases of people spearing themselves so safety first.

When you have a target, make sure that you are not to far away from him because the spear will lose its potency and it will be impossible to hit your mark. Make sure that you are at least 6 ft away from the fish, if not, the shot won’t be accurate. Don’t get too close though! Or you might scare him off. It’s the fishers dilemma and it’s hard to determine the line between being too close and too far but you’ll get the hang on it. It only takes practice.

This is obvious but it’s my duty to repeat it, don’t shoot your spear to a place where you can’t retrieve it! Remember that you are shooting a spear, not a gun and you need it back to shoot again.

What type of fishes can you hunt with a hawaiian sling?

Don’t waste your spears! Big fishes are not available for hawaiian sling fishers, they just don’t have the required potency to kill one. There are other tools for the big ones, you just need to focus on catching a ton of small fishes! And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, there are a lot of occasions when catching a lot of small fishes is more rewarding than hunting a big one. Especially because hitting a small target requires a lot of accuracy and it tends to be very satisfying when you make the shot, especially if you are a first timer.

Pole spear

Pole spear and hawaiian slings are often confused because they are quite similar. However, they are not the same thing. A hawaiian slings are similar to a bow and arrow, the spear and propelling device are separate. In the case of the pole spear has the sling attached to the spear.

How to use a pole spear


The polespear is simple to use, you operate it placing the rubber loop in the crook of the thumb and reaching up the spear shaft to stretch the elastic band in order to create tension. Finally, release the grasp of the hand to shoot but remember to still use your hand to guide the spear. The penetrating distance that the pole spear has depends on the characteristics of the fish so it fluctuates a lot.

Pole spear tips and general knowledge

Flimsy spears.

Regarding flimsy spears, it’s important to twist the spear in order to stretch the band to keep the spear from bending.

A little science for you.

The more mass a pole spear has, you will need more band power to move it at the same speed as a lighter polespear. But don’t think that lighter polespears are better because of this! Extremely lightweight polespears won’t have enough velocity or force to penetrate a fish, so you have to find a perfect balance when picking your tool.

Hybrid pole spears also exist

Hybrid pole spears are made from two different types of materials, aluminum and a more flexible material. It offers the best of both worlds, they are rigid but still have flexibility to absorb the fish movements when it’s punctured.

Hawaiian sling vs pole spear

It’s understandable that a duel between these two spearfishing devices exist, after all, they are extremely alike and often confused. I would say that regarding the eternal duel between pole spear vs hawaiian sling it comes down to personal preference, however, there are objective details that make a device better than another. Want to know who is best? Stick around!

The hawaiian sling has a slight advantage over the pole spear. Polespear are amazing, don’t take me wrong! But in some situations, the hawaiian sling is clearly better. The more notable reasons are that the hawaiian sling is slightly more powerful and it has a more comfortable grip. On top of that, it’s simpler to shoot it.

What do you think about this? Which one do you prefer? As I said, it all comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel more comfortable.

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