Spearfishing: The Modern Way

Millions of years ago, ancient man hunted for food with simple gear; spears with barbed points were used as a weapon to hunt down animals, particularly fish.

Eventually, harpoons were created by early humans and used in place of spears to catch sizable fish species. Those who actively pursue fishing using the pole spear technique were ultimately called spearos.

Even to this day, the pursuit of catching fish through the spearfishing method lives. This technique is still an effective way to amass fresh, wholesome food without the negative effects produced by traditional rod and reel fishing or commercial fishing.

With this kind of method, you will not contribute to consequences like damage to the local habitat, environmental harm, and by-catch. It’s not only an eco-conscious way of gathering food but is a fun, thrilling activity as well.

This pursuit is a creative and appealing means to take pleasure in the joys that the sea can bring. The different species and amounts of fishes you will get to witness as they swim by are astounding and in every corner, or reef, for the matter, there are wonders just waiting for you to discover.

Who knows, spearfishing might become an enduring interest! If you are curious about the sport, read on and get yourself informed.

Know More, Abide by the Rules

You were interested in the pursuit, have purchased the needed gear and are now more than ready to take on your prey with a little practice. However, you have to be aware of certain rules related to the sport first.

Although there are a few differences between spearfishing rules and other fishing techniques, is indicated that you should follow those rules to keep yourself, other people and the habitat safe. In terms of sizes and possession limitations, the rules governed by the sport are no different from traditional rod and reel fishing.

Getting a Saltwater Fishing license is the same as other methods as well. But the big difference is the presence of a state law that requires spearos to exhibit a ‘Dive flag’ while going underwater to alert boaters and keep you and your buddies out of harm’s way.

It is also recommended, although it is not a rule per se, that you dive with a friend or companion and bring along a decent knife in the event of rope or fishing line tangles.

It is also a great and smart idea to familiarize yourself with the risks involved with swimming and hunting in open waters. Educating yourself meticulously before throwing yourself underwater will do you plenty of good in the end.

Undergo Underwater Training

To explore more of the underwater habitat where your prey lives, you can do so through scuba diving and freediving. Whichever method you select, training is crucial and it encourages cautious, conscientious practices of the sport.

Freediving lessons are offered on the quick these days and you won’t have any problems finding one because of the demand for them. Freediving will not only maximize and amplify your degree of safety, knowledge about the craft will also boost the total time you can linger below the surface in one breath.

Freediving lessons are usually carried out by a proficient, authorized trainer in structured surroundings. Scuba diving lessons, meanwhile, can be had at any dive shop in your area.

They are also given by qualified instructors and the program will train you on how to use the gear employed for the sport and it will also verify you to turn into a scuba diver. Whichever method you decide on, keep in mind to enroll yourself in a reputable school or agency.

Essential Diving/Spearfishing Gear

Getting the best pole Spearfishing gear for the sport naturally follows after the diving lessons. You need basic equipment for this pursuit in order to breathe underwater, keep yourself warm and, most importantly, hunt down your prey.

Pole spear

The pole spear is an underwater device that consists of a pole, the spear tip, and a rubber band or loop. It is also called the hand spear and gidgee. The pole typically measures between 4-10 feet long and can be made from either aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite or hardwood materials.

The longer versions can be broken down into 2 or more portions and can then be screwed in together. The tip of the pole can be threaded to accommodate various kinds of spear tips or it can have a fixed tip.

The most common spear tips are the Tahitian shaft and the paralyzer. Located at the end of the spear, meanwhile, is an elastic band or loop made from rubber or surgical tubing.

Hawaiian sling

The Hawaiian sling is similar to a slingshot or a water-specific bow and arrow because the propelling tool and spear are isolated from each other, unlike the pole spear.


The speargun is an underwater fishing device that is built to shoot a spear directly into a fish or other underwater species. It is also called the scuba gun. If you are a beginner, you can make do with a smaller gun with less power for practice.


Swimming in the ocean can get you cold fast, thus an excellent, properly-fitting wetsuit will be your best friend. The wetsuit will also protect you from harmful elements like sunburn, jellyfish, spikey fish species, rough, sharp reefs, and corals.

You can use a wetsuit that is designed for surfing, but for maximum protection, do opt for a model that is designed for fishing pursuits. They are usually warmer and provide integrated pads that make loading devices like the speargun easier.


Fins made expressly for the sport are typically longer in length and are tauter. They are also narrower as compared with models that you will usually see on swimmers or bodysurfers.

Remember to make those fins fit your feet properly. If the pair is too tight, you will acquire blisters from wearing them while loose pairs will slip off of your feet and you might lose them while on the hunt.

Mask and snorkel

Keep in mind to get a proper-fitting mask. Masks that will leave the lenses foggy or cause leaking will only give you grief. To guarantee a great fit, you can drop by a dive equipment store and test out a variety of masks until you get one that fits just right.

One way to test-drive them is to place the mask on your face without strapping it on. Draw in a breath by way of your nose and check whether the mask will drop off. If the mask remains on your face, you now have a mask that fits right.

Masks with purge valves are not exactly recommended since they have a tendency to crack and it makes pressing your nose while aligning problematic. Check out masks with larger volumes since they will provide you with a better field of vision.

Remember, you don’t have to settle for a mask with a variety of features. Just secure one that’s simple, straightforward and will provide a good fit and great field of vision.

Weight Belt

Wetsuits can make you buoyant in the water. To counterweight this particular issue, you need the help of a weight belt. The most coveted for the sport are made with rubber and feature fast-release buckles in case things go from bad to worse.

All bodies are different so you should go for a belt that has the total weight that your body attains after you breathe out on the surface.


Knives are convenient in case you want to kill a fish in a fast, humane manner. Bringing a knife along during the hunt is also handy in case you become entwined with seaweed or rope.

Large knives are not recommended since they can get caught up with ease on sea kelp. Choose a small knife that has a good, razor-sharp edge.

Gloves and booties

Wearing gear like gloves and booties will help safeguard your mitts and feet and keep them warm throughout the hunt. The gloves will help protect your digits while you fire your speargun away.

Look for a pair that is designed for this kind of sport. Booties, meanwhile, will produce a soft, comfortable barrier for your feet and protect them from the fins.





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5 Must-Have Pole Spears

For this pursuit, you need something that will help you attain your objective fast and with little effort. The following are just some of the most coveted pole spears models available today. You better check them out, as who knows – one or two of these spears might become instant favorites.

1. Scuba Choice 5′ Two Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Fishing, particularly with devices like a pole spear, is a daring yet exciting pursuit to accomplish. It combines the pleasures of swimming underwater and actively pursuing fresh, healthful sustenance.

Yes, with this kind of activity, you are going to have food that’s fresh out of the ocean. And to achieve this feat, you need something like the Scuba Choice’s 5-inch Two Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear.

The model is made of fiberglass so is quite hefty and durable. This kind of material, which can be weighty, is perfect for larger fish. The device’s total weight might seem like a disadvantage to some, but the fact is fiberglass pole spears will benefit spearos who only hunt big fish.

It is not the fastest among the bunch, but it packs a punch if you are after fast kills. This is also ideal for beginners who would like to take on the sport because of its resilience.

2. Scuba Choice One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Fish with Lionfish Barb Tip

Lionfish are considered dire threats in waters like the Atlantic because they pose a problem to the natural habitat of the species living in there and can amplify the struggle for constrained food resources between species. They are also dangerous because of their poison spikes.

To properly catch lionfish, one must carry a specialized device with features that will help pull off this deed and get that tasty fish for lunch or dinner. A pole spear with a lionfish barb like the Scuba Choice’s Fiber Glass Pole Fish will undoubtedly help you with the job.

This is an excellent device to tote along since it will decrease the possibility of your target gliding up the pole and it will help you scrape the fish into the retention tube with less effort as well.

Barb-tipped spears are effective and work in a fast manner because they are capable of clutching the fish into a fixed position on top of the device.

Spearos who made use of the unit also took note of the barb tip for its power to ensure a deadly hit. With this on hand, spearos can easily take on aggressive lionfish and can help clean up oceans riddled with the species.

3. Riffe Fish Stringer with Quick Clip

Although not a pole spear and basically considered an additional or optional equipment, Riffe’s Fish Stringer with Quick Clip is the kind of device employed by fishermen to loop fish so they can be immersed in the water and still be kept alive and breathing.

Stringers are either made of rope or chain and to use this, the stringer is threaded through the fish’s gills then it gets drawn out via its mouth.

Chain stringers typically consist of a chain and include safety pin snaps looped along its entire length, which are then attached into the fish. Chain types are made from stainless steel like Riffe’s very own Fish Stringer. They’re pretty easy to use and even beginners will get the knack of them fast.

The device’s Quick Clip function provides a lot of help to spearos for speedier and effortless stringing practices. You can use the device on large and small fishes.

The clip is also capable of accommodating the catch on hunters’ pole spears and spearguns without hassle. It provides even, smooth procedures and since it is made of metal, will guarantee longer use and a more hard-wearing grip.

4. Scuba Choice Scuba Choice 5-ft Spearfishing Pole Spear with 1 Prong Single Barb Tip

This pole spear is made of fiberglass so is heavier as measured against other materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. It has its own benefits – one being a good device to target bigger kinds of fishes. The device’s single barb tip is capable of zipping into the target with ease.

In addition, since it is made from fiberglass, the pole is sturdy and will last you for a longer period of time.

5. Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear with 5 Prong Paralyzer Barb Tip

This Traveler Pole Spear with 5-Prong Paralyzer Tip is made by the company MAKO and is a travel-friendly piece that can be separated to make the spear portable. It is made from tough, rust-resistant anodized aluminum so the likelihood of getting splinters from old fiberglass pole spears is zero.

Another good thing about this model? Its nifty recessed flush screws. The joints of the pole spear are affixed firmly and securely onto its connectors to offer an even, effortless release while fishing.

It features 3 interchangeable functions so you can choose whatever feature you need at the moment. For lionfish targets, you can opt for the device’s three-pronged barbless lionfish tip which is built for targeting lionfish and other related species.

The Traveler Pole Spear can also be affixed with a variety of the company’s pole spear tips. For example, you can connect Mako’s Tip Adapter to the device so you can target specific fish. It is light yet hard-wearing and this is a welcome feature to any spearo who wants durable gear.

The threads that connect the unit’s divisions are solid and secure; hence it will make fishing trouble-free and fun for all enthusiasts of the sport.


In order to enjoy the sport and experience year upon year of hassle-free fishing, you have to be a good, cautious and responsible spearo.

Each country has plenty of opportunities for this sport, and as long as you practice safety measures, wear the required gear, undergo diving training and observe all rules, you will be guaranteed a good time along with your fellow fishing enthusiasts.